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tooth extraction healing stages

Tooth Extraction Healing Stages: What You Can Expect

If you’ve recently had a tooth extracted, you’re probably wondering what will happen next. In this blog, we will explain each step in the tooth extraction healing process. This includes what you can expect within 24 hours, a few days, and a week after tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction Healing Stages

Generally, the tooth extraction healing time depends on your post-surgery aftercare and your body’s natural healing process. Some patients recover well after a week, while some take up to 10 days. The key is to know what the stages of tooth extraction healing are like so you can track your progress on your own. And you can notify your dentist as soon as any complications arise.

So, what are the stages of healing after a tooth extraction? Let’s take a closer look at what your progress should be like day by day, as this will determine the success of the treatment.

First 24 Hours

Several things will happen within the first 24 hours after your tooth extraction. Minor pain and bleeding are expected. So, it is advised that you rest and take your prescription medicines, including pain relievers and antibiotics if there are any.

At this time, the formation of a blood clot over the extracted tooth is crucial. Blood clots are nutrient-packed, and these will facilitate normal healing after tooth extraction. Gauze will be placed over the wound to form the clot and avoid disturbing the wound. Do your best to keep it intact by following your dentist’s post-surgery guidelines. Do not smoke, drink through a straw, brush the area, and apply direct pressure against it.

3 Days After Tooth Extraction

Minor tooth extractions should be healing nicely at this stage. Some patients no longer experience pain or bleeding. But if you are, do not panic as this is normal. Continue taking your pain medications and replace your gauze when needed.

Aside from taking precautions on the surgical site, your healing gums after tooth extraction will need extra care. While toothbrushing the wound and aggressive swilling of mouthwash are strongly discouraged, be mindful of your oral hygiene practices to prevent complications such as infection.

You can use a warm saltwater solution to encourage favorable tooth extraction healing. Add half a teaspoon of table salt to 8 ounces of warm water and gargle gently every day. Salt is a natural disinfectant that will eliminate bacteria and aid your recovery process.

Day 7 After Tooth Extraction

What does a healing tooth extraction look like after a week? The blood clot should have fully formed, and stitches should already be dissolved. Your dentist may recommend seeing you to check your progress and assure that your healing tooth extraction stages are en route to a good recovery.

If you are experiencing uncontrolled bleeding, severe pain, bad breath, or facial swelling, these are possible signs of infection after extraction. These usually occur within a week, but some may experience these after a month, especially for major extraction surgeries. Give your dentist at Orange Park Smiles a call for urgent treatment and management.

How long does the hole take to close after tooth extraction?

After 7 – 10 days, the tooth extraction site should already be closed, or at least almost closed. The gums should no longer be tender, and there should be no bleeding or pain. This is a good sign that your recovery process is well underway. After that, you can discuss tooth replacement options with your dentist to restore your smile.

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