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Dental Bridges - For One or More Adjacent Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can take a toll on your smile and overall well-being. So at Orange Park Smiles, we made sure to have several options available to treat tooth loss. These treatments are versatile. So whether you have just a single missing tooth, some missing teeth, or even a full set of missing teeth, we have a solution for you. These also vary if you want a fixed or removable dental prosthesis. 

Schedule an appointment with our dentist today to discover the best treatment option for the replacement of your missing teeth. They will make every effort to help you understand the pros and cons of each one so you can decide for the best.

Dental Fillings - Restore and Renew

Gone are the days when silver amalgam was used to treat dental decay. This is quite unsightly when you smile and may be harmful to your health when ingested. At Orange Park Smiles, we treat tooth decay with durable tooth-colored composite dental fillings. These are also known as “white” fillings as they blend seamlessly with the tooth to create a natural restoration.


Aside from the treatment of tooth decay, these composite fillings are also used for cosmetic tooth bonding. This is a process that remodels the shape and size of the front teeth for a more appealing smile. So if you have a chipped tooth or small gaps between the front teeth, this is an easy and cost-effective treatment.


For tooth-colored fillings, the tooth is prepared wherein all decay is removed and it is reshaped to receive the material. Then, the composite resin is layered over the cavity or tooth surface. With each layer, blue curing light is shined on the composite to harden it in place. And when done, the resin is polished and you can enjoy your newly restored tooth.

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Dental Crowns - Strengthen and Protect

Another restorative dentistry treatment is dental crowns. They serve to protect the tooth and restore its structural integrity for daily functions. They are typically used to:

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Preserve a tooth with extensive tooth decay or infection

Orange Park Smiles services dentist in orange park fl

Coverage for root canal treated tooth

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Restore a tooth with large fractures

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Final restoration after dental implants

For as long as there is enough natural tooth structure, a dental crown is always considered. This is the treatment of choice when dental fillings will no longer suffice. And before the tooth is deemed unrestorable and will need extraction.


Treatment with dental crowns involves removing all decay and reducing the tooth to make space for the bulk of the crown. Crowns are bulkier as they will need to protect a fragile tooth, so a significant amount of tooth reduction is required.


After tooth prep, mouth impressions will be taken and this will be sent to the dental lab so they can produce your crown. When ready, this is simply cemented in place and it should feel and function like a real tooth.

Restorative Dentistry Services at Orange Park

Nothing beats the beauty and strength of your natural tooth. So if a time comes that you experience decay or fracture and your tooth needs a fix, do not delay treatment. Consult with your Florida dentist for a dental filling or dental crown. This way, your tooth is preserved and enhanced so it can function as normal.


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