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Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment

The Basics of Root Canal Treatment

When tooth decay or dental infection is left untreated, bacteria will rapidly spread to affect deep into the tooth and the gums. This can cause severe pain and other complications that may eventually lead to tooth loss. To help preserve the tooth, endodontic treatment with root canal therapy is done.

At Orange Park Smiles in Florida, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable dental professionals. They will make sure that your root canal treatment is done safely, effectively, and with long-term success in the preservation of your tooth. If you think you may need endodontic therapy, call us today for your initial dental exam.

Root canal treatment or RCT is an endodontic dentistry procedure that removes decay, bacteria, and infection from inside a tooth and its root. Your dentist will access the inside of the involved tooth and place medications to eliminate infection and allow the gum to heal. Then, the tooth will be restored, usually with a crown or dental filling, so it feels and functions as normal.

Some of the symptoms that may need treatment with a root canal are:

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Extensive tooth decay

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Infected tooth with facial swelling

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Tooth abscess

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Extreme, throbbing pain

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Pain while chewing

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Discharge on the gum (may be indicated by a bad taste in the mouth)

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Teeth Cleaning and Scaling - What to Expect

Most patients are quite anxious about getting root canal therapy because of its negative reputation. But at Orange Park Smiles, we ease your worries by providing effective numbing anesthetics and keeping you in the loop of your treatment. Here’s what you can expect to happen during your treatment:

  1. First, our dentist will assess your tooth using X-rays to determine if a root canal is the best way to save your tooth. We will also discuss the final restoration procedure after root canal
  2. Preparing your tooth is next. This involves removing all tooth decay and cleaning the root canals to allow healing to begin. You will be under local anesthetics the entire time to keep you comfortable during the treatment
  3. Then, medicating the tooth with an antibacterial solution is done to provide thorough and complete healing. X-rays will be used to ensure all infection is removed
  4. Placing a protective filling will follow and this is to secure the medication into the tooth. Some time is needed to ensure there will be no relapse before the final treatment is done
  5. Lastly, your tooth is restored with an inlay or crown. These are designed to fully renew the structural, functional, and aesthetic properties of your tooth
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Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

Find out if the pain or tooth sensitivity you are experiencing needs endodontic treatment by scheduling a visit to our dentist today. Immediate dental treatment can make all the difference between saving your tooth and losing it.

Call (904) 264 9911 today to learn more about our root canal treatment and other dental services at our Orange Park, Florida clinic.

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