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Emergency Dental Treatments

A Guide to Common Dental Emergencies

There are certain dental situations that you just cannot put off for another day. This includes an excruciating toothache that may prevent you from working in the morning or sleeping at night. Or accidental chipping of your teeth that need immediate restoration. There are also emergencies involving uncontrolled bleeding and dental trauma.

Whatever your situation is, there is no need to worry. Our team at Orange Park Smiles is trained to handle dental emergencies. We do this with absolute precision to ensure favorable outcomes.

If you need urgent treatment, call us today and we will do our best to keep you smiling. 

We advise our patients to give us a call as soon as they find themselves to be in the presence of a dental emergency. As soon as you arrive at our Florida dental clinic, our team will attend to you as quickly as possible.

Immediate care is vital for dental emergencies. 

So until you can reach our clinic, here are the things you can do during these common emergencies.

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Chipped or broken tooth

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Knocked-out tooth

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Facial swelling

Smile More, Worry Less with Orange Park Smiles

At Orange Park Smiles, we always emphasize the importance of prevention over cure. But when it comes to dental emergencies, we have an experienced dental team who will provide you with priority treatment so you can get the relief you deserve as soon as possible.

Whether it is for preventative dental care or emergency treatment, call us today at (904) 264 9911 so we can look after your oral health.

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