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Teeth whitening benefits

5 Teeth Whitening Benefits to Make You Smile

It is no secret that a smile is one of a person’s best features. So, for many, keeping the smile pristinely beautiful is essential. And to achieve this, most patients resort to cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening.

At Orange Park Smiles, we use LED-accelerated teeth whitening treatment to improve your smile and enhance your features. This safe and highly effective whitening procedure can dramatically brighten your smile in just an hour.

Are you hoping to have your teeth whitening done soon? Carry on reading to learn about the benefits of dentist professional teeth whitening and other information you should know before you schedule your whitening appointment at your local dental clinic.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

With several readily available teeth whitening products at your local drugstore, having white teeth is definitely easier. However, several reasons make professional teeth whitening stand out over other options. Here’s why:

1. Powerful treatment – whiter smile in just under an hour

Laser-accelerated teeth whitening done by your dentist uses a more concentrated bleaching agent. This is further enhanced by LED light to speed up the process. The result is a brighter smile accomplished in just 60 minutes.

This is a faster route than over-the-counter whiteners, which need several reapplications, and even then, the desired bright smile is not achieved. But with professional teeth whitening, you only need to visit your dentist once for a whiter smile.

2. Safe and efficient teeth whitening

Another one of the many teeth whitening benefits is safety in the treatment. Because the entire procedure is accomplished inside the dental clinic with your dentist, little to no side effects are expected. At most, you may experience some tooth sensitivity. But this can be managed with gum protection to keep you as comfortable as possible.

3. White smile that meets your expectations

With professional teeth whitening, we can achieve the white smile you prefer. This is through a whitening shade guide involving an array of teeth shades you can choose from. Let your dentist know your preference so they can work to achieve that. This is a feat that can only be done through professional teeth whitening.

4. Longer teeth whitening effects

Having white teeth for a longer time is made possible through laser whitening. Because of the potent bleaching gel, you can have a brighter smile for longer. Of course, this should be coupled with regular teeth cleaning and proper oral hygiene to ensure that the whitening effect will last for a year or more!

5. Improved physical and emotional wellbeing

And along with your new smile is a newfound confidence that you can flaunt during social and professional situations. Most patients gain improved self-esteem, especially for momentous occasions that call for a perfect appearance, such as anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, or weddings. A whiter smile is the cherry on top you need so you can feel and look extra good.

Whiter Smile with Orange Park Smiles

Learn about teeth whitening and our other cosmetic dentistry procedures at Orange Park Smiles by booking a visit today! We have a team of friendly dentists and staff to help you journey towards the smile of your dreams.